Chiropractic and Prenatal Massage

Rely on the professionals at Charleston Chiropractic Center to take care of your with a wellness plan that also includes massage therapy. We also offer prenatal massage for mothers-to-be.


You may suffer from a personal injury related to bodily harm that came from being involved in an accident or other incident. At Charleston Chiropractic Center, we are professionals at uncovering underlying issues in personal injury accidents. It could be as small as a single adjustment needed or a series of treatments and a wellness program. Dr. Williamson is one of the best options to get you healthy again.

If you find yourself in a personal injury accident, make sure that you get a consultation right away with a chiropractor just in case there are any hidden problems from the accident. Don’t let your injury go unnoticed and cause major issues down the road which can be costly to you.


Prenatal Massage coupled with chiropractic treatment from Charleston Chiropractic Center for mothers-to-be helps break the pain cycle caused by the stresses and changes in your body during your pregnancy. Back pain is commonplace during pregnancy as well as swelling feet, pain in your muscles and other tensions throughout your body. Our Licensed Massage Therapist specializes in prenatal massage and elicits change by physically stretching tight muscles to relax spasms and by unlocking restrictions due to trigger points, restoring motion to the body so you can move naturally and feel good. At Charleston Chiropractic Center, we work closely with the professionals at Bond with Baby 4D (located just down the hall) to ensure that expectant moms gets the most benefit from the combination of chiropractic, prenatal massage and even 4D ultrasounds.

Prenatal massage can help expectant mothers tremendously by increasing circulation, promoting relaxation, and relieving muscular tension from emotional and physical stress during your pregnancy.